You should know that 100% of your donation is used to help families with children who are battling cancer. Our foundation is run by by a dedicated group of volunteers.

To make a donation to Emily's Kids Foundation and to help families with children who have cancer, please send a check made out to "Emily's Kids Foundation" to:

Emily's Kids Foundation
P O Box 59
Climax, NC 27233

Or make an online donation now by clicking the button below:

Sell On Ebay to Support Emily's Kids

Emily's Kids Foundation has registered with Mission Fish, an eBay partner, to allow sellers to donate a percentage of the proceeds from their sales to the foundation. Emily's Kids can also receive donations from eBay users through the "Donate Now" feature, which lets anyone with a PayPal account donate to nonprofits right away – without buying or selling anything.

To learn more or to sell items to benefit Emily's Kids, visit the Emily's Kids Foundation eBay Giving Works page.

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Emily's Kids Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 59
Climax, NC 27233